An X-Ray Motion Study is an important diagnostic tool.

We can use X-Ray Motion Studies to pinpoint an issue and develop a treatment plan.

X-ray Motion Study FAQs:


+ What are x-ray motion studies?

An x-ray motion study uses digital technology to give the chiropractor a highly detailed view of the patient's lumbar and cervical spine while they are in motion. Patients stand and move in a weight-bearing situation as a very rapid series of images are taken. This type of study produces extremely accurate images that are superior to those that a standard x-ray can provide. The x-ray motion study allows the chiropractor to verify the exact location of the subluxation and type of injury and create an effective treatment plan.

+ When might I need an x-ray motion study?

X-ray motion studies are used as a diagnostic tool for many health concerns. People with chronic conditions, diseases, sports injuries, or accident injuries could benefit from x-ray motion studies as part of their diagnosis and treatment plan.

+ How could I benefit from an x-ray study?

An x-ray motion study can help us get a better picture of your health before we begin your treatment. With better information, we can create a more customized treatment plan for you. Our goal is to specially target your particular injury or health concern, and x-ray motion studies are a great place to start. After treatment, we can use an x-ray study once again to evaluate your progress and decide if we need further treatment. It also provides a measurment tool to view the changes in your spinal health.


Think an X-ray motion study might be right for you?