Listen to real patients tell their chiropractic success stories.


"Before I came [to Achieve Balance], I was limited in my mobility. [...] I had seen another doctor about it and they said it was just something I'd have to live with.

After meeting Dr. Phelps... I have full mobility now. No limitations!"



"I had been in a car accident and I was lopsided. Dr. Phelps knew exactly what to do.

She and her staff have treated me just like I'm part of the family...

They can get your life in balance."



"We have been seeing Arminta for about 9 years. [...] I had some fairly mild scoliosis...I figured I was stuck with that for life...

But by golly, I am out of scoliosis!"


"I had a stroke in October and Arminta has really helped me get back on my feet...

The recovery was so quick."



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