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Posture Correction FAQs:


+ Why does my posture matter?

While you probably remember hearing about the importance of posture growing up, many people don't think about it as much as adults do. The simple truth is that posture matters for people of all ages. Good posture is essential for a well-functioning body overall. Bad posture habits like slouching pull the spinal column out of its proper position. As the spine is pulled into this state of misalignment it can cause the nerves, vertebrae, and discs in the neck and back to be negatively impacted. People with spinal alignment issues often experience significant pain and may have a reduced range of motion.

+ What does good posture look like?

Good posture means standing (and sitting) straight. Your back should be against the back of the chair and never curved forward when sitting. Many people with poor posture tend to put most of their weight on their heels when standing up, but even weight distribution is the best way to maintain good posture. Whether sitting or standing, you should keep your shoulders back and your chest thrust slightly outward. When sitting you should take a few minutes every hour to do a couple stretches or walk around the office.

+ How can I correct bad posture habits?

Correcting your posture is easiest with expert guidance. Chiropractic care will help bring the spine back to a place of proper alignment. After that, we’ll work with you to learn new habits and tools to maintain good posture. This may include prescribed exercises you’ll be able to do at home. Learning new posture habits may take some time, but the long term benefits are more than worth it!


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