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Welcome to Achieve Balance Podcast with Dr. Arminta.  Tune in  for expert advice on how we can learn to be proactive about our health.  By learning how to eat , think  and move properly we can take control of our own well-being.  Get the latest information on GMO's, vaccines and glyphosate.   Educate yourself on holistic alternatives such as CBD, Reiki,  and Sound Healing along with much much more.

Latest Episode:  360 with Dr. Michael B Dibley

Join Dr. Arminta for a discussion with one of her old chiropractic classmates.  Dr. Michael B Dibley is a chiropractor that is making ways to spread the message of human potential globally.   Hi is the founder of the 360 Group that began in Norway and is moving its way across the globe.  We have a fun discussion about human potential and his vision of the human potential movement.  Dr. Michael is based out of Norway with his partner Dr. Cathrine Walle and his 2 children Sophia and Atlas (who you will fondly hear in the background).  Some of Dr. Michael’s other accomplishments include producing the documentary Clear and Connected, as well as hosting global mission trips, and founding the Discover seminar bringing the best minds in human potential together to elevate mankind. 




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