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Welcome to Achieve Balance Podcast with Dr. Arminta.  Tune in  for expert advice on how we can learn to be proactive about our health.  By learning how to eat , think  and move properly we can take control of our own well-being.  Get the latest information on GMO's, vaccines and glyphosate.   Educate yourself on holistic alternatives such as CBD, Reiki,  and Sound Healing along with much much more.

Latest Episode:  Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom . with Dr. Travis Corcoran

Join Dr. Arminta for a discussion with Dr. Travis Corcoran about his journey to opening several clinics in the Netherlands and Europe.  The discussion grows deeply into philosophy, psychology, and physiology.   Dr. Travis shares with us a perspective on the ego and how we need to look at the environment of the ego, and not the ego itself. 


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