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Back Pain Relief

Although back pain is common, it still needs to be taken seriously—especially if it is severe or interferes with your daily life.

We’re focused on the root cause of the problem and the factors that led to the back pain-along with preventing those factors altogether in the future.

Chiropractor for migraine relief in Columbia, MO


Migraines can prevent you from enjoying your everyday life and can cause a wide range of symptoms, from hallucinations to dizziness to anxiety. 

We will address the root cause your migraine symptoms, work to alleviate the problem and causes, and improve nervous system health. 

Chiropractor for numbness and tingling in Columbia, MO

Numbness & Tingling

 In many cases of numbness and tingling, the problem is a blockage in the nervous system -- something that is easily resolved with chiropractic adjustments that can free the trapped nerve or otherwise correct the blockage.

Whether you're experiencing chronic numbness and tingling or a short-term issue, we’ll make an accurate diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Chiropractor for posture correction in Columbia, MO

Posture Correction

Bad posture habits like slouching pull the spinal column out of its proper position.

When your spine is pulled into a state of misalignment, the nerves, vertebrae, and discs in the neck and back are negatively impacted. That can mean discomfort, limited mobility, and even acute pain. Chiropractic care can help.

Let's work together to improve your posture and prevent future pain and loss of motion.


Chiropractic wellness care chiropractor in Columbia, MO

Wellness Care

Preventative wellness care can reward your body and instill good habits to help prevent or alleviate chronic pain.

A well-maintained body bounces back from injury quickly and efficiently. Starting chiropractic wellness care early can help prevent a host of health problems.  It is easier to stay well than get better. 


Pregnancy Care

Why might you need chiropractic care during pregnancy? 

We can help relieve spinal pressure that your baby may put on your spine and move the lower body into the ideal state of alignment as birth approaches. 

Chiropractor providing chiropractic x-ray motion studies in Columbia, MO

X-ray Motion Study

An x-ray motion study can help us get a better picture of your health before we begin your treatment.

With better information, we can create a more customized treatment plan for you.


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