7 Easy Habits to Create a Healthy and Happy 2018

To express your potential for health and happiness you must be able to identify and consistently make healthy lifestyle choices. Make it your resolution to commit to making these 7 easy, sustainable changes for 2018.

1. For goodness gracious get your spine checked by a subluxation based chiropractor.  (Your spine is your lifeline, you need to keep it healthy and keep it strong.)

2. Go for a walk every day (1 minute is better than 0 - work up to 30 minutes).

3. Do some deep squats and pushups every day (1 is better than none - work up to 3 sets of 25)

4. Eat raw vegetables every day.

5. Drink 4 glasses of clean water every day.  (4 is a good place to start, eventually strive to get in 100 oz per day)

6. Supplement with the Essential Nutrients every day. (Omega 3, Vit D3, & Probiotics)

7. Take time to be grateful and to focus on positive thoughts about yourself every day. (You are your own best friend; would you say the thing that you say to yourself to your best friend?)

As simple as this may seem, following these easy steps has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of virtually every chronic illness and to significantly improve health, happiness, and quality of life.


Here is to making 2018 your healthiest year yet!


Christopher ScrivnerComment