About Achieve Balance


Your Journey to Wellness is Our Top Priority.

We specialize in chiropractic care that restores our brain and body balance.


Improving the health and wellness of people throughout the Columbia, Missouri area, naturally.

At Achieve Balance, we not only want to impact your physical and mental health, but the way that you experience the world you live in. You deserve a balanced life full of wellness. Corrective chiropractic care can get you there naturally. We not only give our patients pain relief, but a new wellness lifestyle as well.  

Chronic pain is not normal. Pain is your body’s way to communicate that something is wrong. As chiropractic doctors, we mend the connection between the spine, nervous system, and the brain. Reviving this communication revives your connection to your body.

Chiropractic care is the natural alternative that works with your body to heal. It finds the root of your health problems to heal you from the inside out. No pills or surgeries needed.

There is a lot you do in your daily life that can upset your spinal columns and wellness lifestyle. Whether it's poor posture or eating habits, when you come to Achieve Balance, we create an individualized plan to conquer your lifestyle and pain issues. Whether it’s chronic pain or emotional distress, whole corrective chiropractic can help.


Be hunger for life in all aspects of health and wellness.

As chiropractic doctors, we want to instill health and wellness without drugs and without surgery to work within the natural laws of the universe and the natural laws of the human body. Health and healing are an inside-out job, not an outside-in job.

Our corrective care, integrated with knowledge on healthy eating and correct movement, gives our patients a well-rounded health experience.

We want you to be healthier, happier, and more vital in your coming years. Make the decision for a robust life. We are here to support and encourage you along the way to wellness.


We focus on your individual care needs and create a treatment plan to help you feel your best.


Our goal is to find solutions to your wellness needs and empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

Through individualized chiropractic and wellness care for a range of conditions, we seek to find a treatment plan for every patient.

We don’t think it’s good enough to be ‘just ok’ with getting by. Daily obstacles such as suffering with pain, stress, and unhealthy eating can be corrected. We think everyone deserves to live a life full of balance and wellness, where they are the most vital version of themselves. To push our patients to their optimal shelves, we focus on individualized care.


At Achieve Balance we will…


Teach you:

  • How to eat well

  • Move your body properly

  • Practice mindfulness

Give you:

  • Life coaching

  • Trauma relief

  • Wellness Care


Our individualized care means personal attention for your unique needs. We look into your history, past your physical ailments, to see how you’ve been living your life thus far. From there we will identify which areas need the most corrective treatment.


When you appreciate your body, you treat it better.

Again, the benefits of care go past relieving your physical aches and pains. Wellness encompasses every piece of your life! From your mental mindset to the way you stroll down the street, a wellness lifestyle is full of vitality. At Achieve Balance, we work to grow your confidence in your own choices to practice a lifestyle of wellness.

Corrective chiropractic works with your unique body and spine to naturally heal. Chiropractic care helps your body becomes its optimal self.


A team of Columbia MO chiropractic care experts dedicated to you.

At Achieve Balance, our care team does not only want to alleviate chronic pain, but create a life full of harmony and wellness. We want to alleviate pain and get you to a sustainable and balanced state. We strive to provide a solution for every patient through individualized care.

How We Got Here

The Achieve Balance team is headed by Dr. Arminta Phelps. Dr. Arminta knew from the time she was young that she wanted to help people become better versions of themselves. She knew as early as nine that she wanted to heal people through wellness. Through an injury during her last year at MU, she discovered chiropractic care. Today, Dr. Arminta works every day to restore our community to living lives of optimal wellness.


We strive to provide a solution for every patient through individualized care.
Meet our team.

Serving her patients with her hands and her heart, Dr. Arminta’s passion and absolute desire is to teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Arminta leads her care team with the core mission of working towards a Columbia community of wellness. She works to provide the highest quality chiropractic experience in a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. And her team strives to bring chiropractic care into all aspects of their patients' lives.


Psst...Chiropractic care can help with more than just back pain.

Chiropractic care covers each part of your life. Your spine carries the communication your brain sends out to your nervous system, meaning your spine has a direct influence on the interactions of your nervous system.

Diets don’t work. After all, the first three letters spell die. We know that if you appreciate your body, you treat it better. If you love your body, that’s how it will become healthy. At Achieve Balance, our care team shares how to heal your body naturally from the inside out.

No pain is normal. If you're experiencing numbness and tingling, need help correcting your posture, or are suffering from migraines, your solution is here. Let chiropractic treatment assist your body in healing itself.

If you're experiencing numbness and tingling, need help correcting your posture, or suffering from migraines, chiropractic care could be the solution you've been looking for.


Don’t forget to check in with our podcast for stress tips and deep dives into topics such as gratitude and healthy eating.